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Who were they... these beguines? These women left their door to the world open. Neither nun, nor layperson. Did they hedge their bets or were they the forerunners of the feminists. Find an answer to these questions and visit the new Beghina museum in an authentic beguine’s house from 1660. During a visit to the museum, you will discover the theme exhibition “Treasures of the beguines” (Schatten van de begijnen), a film showing “Beguines in the Low Countries” (Begijnen in de Lage Landen), a visit to the residential basement with a beguine beer, a museum shop and an herb garden.


Beghina Museum

Onder de Linde 12

3700 Tongeren

tel:  0475 71 89 22 





Gallo-Roman museum

GRM small

Do you feel like experiencing an exciting journey through time? Attractive displays, magnificent objects and multimedia presentations bring the story of the people who lived in our region. The world of the Neanderthals, the Gauls and the Romans come to life again.

The Gallo-Roman museum regularly organises exciting events, exclusive exhibitions and fascinating workshops. The programmes for schools enthral young people in an interactive way.




Gallo-Roman Museum

Kielenstraat 15

3700 Tongeren

tel: 012 67 03 55 








Moerenpoort nieuw

Brave knights and dutiful burghers, rich landlords and industrious vassals, Tongeren had it all. The rich Roman town made way for a medieval town. No less than three successive walls enclosed medieval Tongeren and little by little urban life with trades arose. However, dark times scourged Tongeren when the French count de Calvo appeared in 1677. He reduced the town centre to ashes in only one night. This disaster was a black page in the history of Tongeren. Not only a large number of houses had gone up in flames, but also a part of the art patrimony was forever lost.


Fortunately, count de Calvo could not destroy everything. Nowadays, Tongeren still looks a bit like a fortified town. Parts of the medieval wall are still standing and in places you can still see medieval towers. The Velinx tower is a good example of this. Tongeren once owned six medieval town gates, but only the Moeren Gate (Moerenpoort) from 1379 remained intact. On this solid tower you can calmly enjoy a panoramic view of the beguinage and the town centre.



 Free entrance - get your code at the Tourist office Tongeren : 012 80 00 70



Teseum - rediscover church treasures



Schatkamer 133

Tongeren is one of the most ancient religious sites in the Low Countries with a major church treasure of the Basilica of Our Lady. In June 2016, the completely revamped treasury will open its doors. It comprises numerous valuable pieces of religious art such as reliquaries, reliquary pouches, gold and silverwork, medieval choir books, and rare textiles.


The new museum is located in the historical setting of the unique Romanesque tower and chapter house of Our Lady’s Basilica. In addition to a reconstruction of the historical church treasury, topics such as liturgy, saints, relics, and the chapter house are also included. With a walk-through “music box,” visitors may view and even listen to centuries-old scores. The museum story ends with the coronation festivities, the link to today and the current tradition.


And there’s more! You’re invited to an exclusive tour of the adjacent Romanesque cloister and lovely monastic garden, one of the city centre’s hidden treasures.




Museumkwartier, 3700 Tongeren, T +32 (0)12 80 00 88

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