Regional specialities

Delicious bargains

Want to take the taste of Tongeren home with you? You can choose from several unique regional products.  




Tongeren biscuits

The 'caëderkükske' is a delicious coconut shortbread biscuit in the shape of a 'dodecahedron'. This mysterious Roman object can also be found at the Gallo-Roman Museum. If you like aniseed, the Tongeren ‘mop’ is for you. You´ll find both types of biscuit nicely packaged at almost all bakers and patisserie shops in the city centre.



Ambiorix chocolates

These filled milk and fondant chocolates are shaped like Ambiorix. The stylish box contains 20 chocolates. 



Steenuil chocolate truffles

Tongeren truffles in milk and fondant chocolate filled with Haspengouw fruits.



Tongeren drinks

Thirsting for a nip of something delicious? Try Caesaar'ke, a tasty brandy made of malted barley and rye, also known as 'Tongers Witteke'. Or are you in more of a hops frame of mind?  The local Amburon is a top fermented beer with a fruity aroma. Try an Amburon Blond (7 %) or an Amburon Pils (5.2 %). Amburon is unfiltered and available on tap or in a bottle.


Limburg watercress

Tasty and healthy: watercress is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Limburg watercress is amongst the best in the country and each day finds its way to the Brussels early morning market. Ask for it in the Tongeren fresh products stores.



Loon syrup

Syrup tastes absolutely delicious on a pancake, a warm waffle or a sandwich with cheese or bacon … The Loon syrup from the Bleus family is known throughout Belgium. The family recipes go as far as 150 years back. The syrup is still produced in the traditional way, with pure Haspengouw fruits such as apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, quinces and gooseberries.



Haspengouw wines

Haspengouw is an excellent region for wine. The lime-rich soil and the microclimate here create the same circumstances as in the large wine-growing regions of France. Above all the white wines and sparkling wines score high and feature on the menu of many top restaurants.  


Limburg beers

Limburg is also a real beer province. From castle beers through Trappist and kriek to pils ... Beer glasses here are always well-filled. Several high points: the Ter Dolen castle brewery, Trappist beer from the Achelse Kluis, Binkbier from the Kerkom Brewery and the new kriek from the Wilderen Brewery. And be sure to visit the city brewery of Tongeren.  



Limburg jenever

Hasselt is known as the Belgian jenever city par excellence. But you can enjoy this short, strong drink to the fullest in other parts of Limburg as well. Such as in Tongeren, from the Caesaar´ke, also called ‘Tongerse witte’ (see page 32). Or the ‘Voers drupke’, a jenever made of sloe berries from the Voer region. Many short drinks make for long enjoyment.


Pipo Fruit juices

The Pipo apple juice of Fruitdomein Truilingen comes straight from the tree. During the harvest months, the freshly-picked apples are immediately pressed and in some cases mixed with other Haspengouw fruits, such as blackberries, raspberries, cherries, pears and strawberries. The result? Pure nectar of the gods


Nice bargains

You´ll also find most of these regional products available at Tongeren Tourism, where you can also purchase other souvenirs such as small Ambiorix replicas or a Roman milestone.


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